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Share Registration / Poll Scrutineers

Share Registration Services

It is stipulated in Section 158 of the Companies Act 1965 that every company shall keep a Register of its members.

Share registration work is skilled but tedious, voluminous and labour intensive. It is not uncommon for the whole registration process to start with an initial long spell of low activities, followed by a short period of intensive activities which occur when dividends are declared, corporate exercise such as bonus issues, capital repayment or in particular, rights issues.

The structure of our company is well positioned to undertake an abundance of strenuous work during these peak periods efficiently and effectively. This is made possible with our high-end IT systems and other mechanised office aids and resources.

Our services also involve monitoring proxies and shareholders' attendance, vote count by way of poll in shareholders' meetings with the assistance of our experienced people and computer facilities to expedite checking on shareholders' shareholdings.

It is our professional commitment to render these services in compliance with the Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Bursa Securities) and the Rules of Bursa Malaysia Depository Sdn. Bhd.

Poll Scrutineers

In line with strengthening corporate governance practices of listed issuers by mandating poll voting for all resolutions in any general meeting where an independent scrutineers is required to the poll voting pursuant to the Securities Commission (Amendment) Act 2015 and Capital Markets and Services (Amendment) Act 2015. We have the e-polling system, provide fast efficient and accurate votes counting.

Leading the Share Registration Services Team