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Reports Writing

We have evolved and expanded our area of expertise in tandem to the needs in the ever changing and fast moving business era.

We are pleased to inform that we have a good dedicated team in the following business sector in line with Bursa requirements:-

  • Electronic Annual Report; graphic and type setting
  • Sustainability Report
  • Anti Bribery & Anti Corruption (“ABAC”) Policy & Procedures, which includes
    - corruption risk assessment
    - enhancement of whistleblowing
    - training, awareness & communication

The amended S17A of MACC Act 2018 on Corporate Liability will be enforced on all entities, regardless of PLCs or otherwise, by 1 June 2020.

We assess risks appetite, to design adequate measures, policy and procedures on ABAC to safeguard your employees and Board members.

Annual Report / Electronic Annual Report Services

Preparing Annual Reports for all your entities demands time, diligence, and expense.

At MegaCorp, we have professional Chartered Secretaries and IT professionals to assist you to meet the Bursa’s requirements in the contents inclusion in the Annual Reports.

We embrace the digital technology by providing electronic Annual Reports, save the environment and cost savings.

  • Conduct an initial audit of the status of all your entities in every state you business is in.
  • Essential Information as per Bursa requirements
  • Prepare annual reports and the compliance check list
  • Design & setting

Website Services

Pursuant to Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirements 9.21

Every listed issuer must have its own website.

  • must publish on its website all announcements made to Bursa;
  • must ensure that such announcements are placed on the listed issuer's website, as soon as practicable after the same are released on Bursa’s website;
  • must ensure that its website contains the email address, name(s) of designated person(s) and their contact numbers to enable the public to forward queries;
  • that its website is current, informative and contains all information which may be relevant to the listed issuer's shareholders including analyst's briefings.

At Megacorp, we endeavor to develop and maintain your company’s corporate website at a reasonable cost including uploading of all your company’s announcements to your websites.

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